Hugh Jackman Is Villainous In “Pan”

The seas are awash in stage and screen versions of “Peter Pan” right now. The latest evidence: Hugh Jackman is indeed playing a villainous pirate in the upcoming Peter Pan origin story from Warner Bros., but here’s the hook: He’s not Hook. “Pan” (out July 17) takes the J.M. Barrie mythos and shuffles the deck, outfitting Jackman with a flying ship and a diabolical Vandyke as the dreaded pirate Blackbeard, whose men have been kidnapping young wartime orphans — including a certain Peter — from their beds. Meanwhile, Captain Hook is neither a captain nor behooked, but played by Garrett Hedlund as a dashing Indiana Jones-like figure. Says director Joe Wright, “This isn’t exactly the ‘Neverland’ story you know.”

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