How I Wish I Could See This!

A new play about Patricia Highsmith. Check. Starring the beautiful and intelligent Laura Linney. Check. Also starring my old pal Seth Numrich. Check. I’m talking about “Switzerland,” by Joanna Murray-Smith, opening tonight at the Geffen Playhouse, in Los Angeles. Presented with Sydney Theatre Company, the co-world premiere will officially open March 13. Directed by Mark Brokaw, “Switzerland” will continue through April 19. More details after the jump. In Switzerland, “the playwright invites playgoers to the home of legendary author Patricia Highsmith (‘Strangers on a Train,’ ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’). The grande dame of crime literature lives out her reclusive existence in Switzerland, where her permanent sense of rage and injustice contrasts with the neutrality of her surroundings,” press notes state. “Taking refuge in her impressive collection of books and weapons, Highsmith — a chain-smoking alcoholic — must battle with the legacy of her past and the demons of a creative life.

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