Bacall’s Treasures Go On Display

I was a guest a few times at Lauren Bacall‘s New York apartment in the Dakota and a weekend guest at the house she used to own in Amagansett, on eastern Long Island. She had better taste than I, who knew her only as second fiddle to Bogie and as the blowsy star of Broadway shows like “Woman of the Year,” would have expected. Many of her knick-knacks have gone on display at Bonham’s auction house, in New York, prior to their sale next week. They are expected, collectively, to fetch $3 million, though I expect the final tally to be greater. This is peanuts compared to what the Dakota apartment itself will go for. It’s on the market for $26 million. It was bought, in 1961, for $48,000. We all feel we got to town too late, don’t we?

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