Tony Awards: How Were They?

I was thrilled with the resultsKelli! Ruthie! — but can sympathize with people who were less than thrilled with the broadcast. It always feels long, and so it did once again: hosts Alan and Kristin were game, but, as with the Oscars, the hosts seem to fade away by the final hour. As for my predictions, the only one I got seriously wrong was Featured Actor/Musical, which was won by Christin Borle for “Something Rotten!” (I guessed Brad Oscar.) As for presenters and accepters, I especially enjoyed Michael Cerveris (pictured, with Kelli), Larry David and Jason Alexander, and the song stylings of Mr. Josh Groban. As for the fashion, my style-minded friends tell me that the participation in the event of Anna Wintour as red-carpet consultant had no discernible strengthening effect, in spite of the Post’s attempt to say otherwise.

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