Why Did Laurents Hate “Gypsy” Movie?

That’s the sort of question that riles up people on theater chat-room boards — people who have too much time on their hands and so spend it bitching about absolutely everything. Today’s burning question, for example, on All That Chat is the headline on this posting. The commenter asks: ‘I’ll admit I haven’t re-watched it before posting this question, but I did see it again a couple of years ago and I was surprised by how good I thought it was. The screenplay is pretty faithful, all the songs are there, and the performances are fantastic. The 3 leads – what more did Laurents want? Yes, Roz couldn’t sing the part but the way it’s dubbed she basically does anyway, and her acting is great in my opinion.’ For the record, I tried to watch the movie a few months ago and have to agree with Laurents: everybody is miscast and the thing has no zing.

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