Fey’s Acting Fey-ted For Mediocrity?


Let’s pass over the return to public appearances today by Sarah Palin and go right to her Representative on Earth, Tina Fey (pictured). I’m not speaking about the new Vanity Fair interview in which the Fey-let professes her admiration for Leni Riefenstahl (seriously) but about Nancy Franklin’s all-too-accurate take-down in the New Yorker of Fey’s lame acting skills on “30 Rock,” I show I happen to like. Money quote: “Her own performance falls into the not-so-great category. It may be that in her effort to keep the show from being a star vehicle—such things have a tendency to crash—she is too generous; although she’s onscreen a lot and is game to do anything for a laugh, I sense that part of her is keeping her distance from the fray.”

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