Who Should Play Judy Garland?

images-19images-20images-181It’s difficult for me to think of a better Judy Garland (right) than Judy Davis, who played her in the TV biopic, “Me and My Shadows,” but the question is before us again with the news that the Weinstein Co. has bought the rights to Gerald Clarke’s biography of Garland, “Get Happy.” (The book already served as the source material for one movie: “Capote,” starring Phillip Seymour Hoffman.) It’s hard for me to think of an actress who would pull off the role better than another Aussie, Cate Blanchett (left): her acting lately has gotten so intensely mannered. She also has humor, which is crucial to Garland: people forget that in between the breakdowns Garland was a first-class raconteur and comedian. You know who else could probably do the part? Anne Hathaway (center). Why? The eyes.

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