Grammys: Beyoncé & Taylor (Yawn)

Beyonce-Single-Ladies_dlConsisting mostly of live performances, the Grammys have an inherent entertainment advantage over other awards shows. But three hours worth of singing can get a little monotonous, and so it did last night. My favorite pop-music face-off is between Beyonce (pictured) and Rihanna (I’m a Rihanna man), but for the first section of the Grammys it was Miss Knowles vs. Lady Gaga. I have to go with Gaga, even though the awards last night predictably went mostly to Bey-Bey and Taylor Swift (winners here). Lady knew that an up-tempo number (“Poker Face”) would play better on the Grammys than a ballad-based performance, which is what Beyonce opted for (“If I Were A Boy”). All the same, when Gag segued into a ballad with the Rocket Man, I was nonplussed. What the hell were their faces smudged with? Elton looked liked one of the striking workers in his “Billy Elliot” musical after a hard day in the mines. Didn’t work. They should have cleaned up in the spectacular acquatic whirl that was Pink’s number.

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