At The Dakota: The Butler Got It

ruth-ford_1635724cI must say that the most eye-popping human interest story of the week has got to be that of Indra Tamang. Who he? you ask. He’s the butler/caretaker/all-around good-guy in the life of actress Ruth Ford (pictured), who died last year at age 98. In her will, Ford left her two apartments in New York’s fabled Dakota building (you know, the place where John Lennon was murdered and where Rosemary went stirbugs) to Tamang, who was raised in a mud house in rural Nepal. Tamang has apparently agreed to sell one of the units but wants to hold on to the others. If the Dakota panjandrums (who make decisions about the transfer of shares in this co-op building) don’t allow him to do so, they’ll look like real schmucks.

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