Uma Thurman To Join “Smash”

Every weekend when I walk out of the house I seem to spot Angelica Huston walking her dogs. And why is Miss Huston in my neighborhood walking her dogs? Because she’s in town filming the new TV show “Smash,” which will premiere on NBC the day after the Super Bowl. (Not just after the game: that would be too extreme, like a dj going from J. Cole to Josh Groban on a hopping dance floor.) “Smash,” for those of you without the “Glee” gene, is set in the wonderful backstabbing world of Broadway musicals, and stars Debra “Will and Grace” Messing and Christian Borle. And now we learn that for what show-biz types call “a multi-episode arc” it will also have Uma Thurman. She plays “a famous and somewhat difficult movie star.” Will someone please give me an example of an un-famous movie star? I hope the show’s writing is cleaner than its press release. I trust it will be: the very sharp Theresa Rebeca is the top creative mind.

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