Haley Joel Osment: Shirtless & Gay

Above please find the trailer for a new comedy called “Sassy Pants,” and I know that thanks to that title, this trailer is really going to have to earn your click. Well, here are two things that may tip the scales: Ashley Rickards stars in this movie, and you love her in “Awkward.” Also (and perhaps most important), she plays a teenage girl with a smothering mom and a gay dad, and do you know who plays the jean-shorted younger boyfriend of said gay dad? It’s Haley Joel Osment, star of “The Sixth Sense,” “A.I.,” and “Secondhand Lions.” Still, you’d be forgiven for not recognizing Osment in this movie, seeing as how he’s shirtless and wearing cutoff jeans, piercings, and a Kate Gosselin ‘do.

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