Dylan’s “Blood”: Movie Rights Picked Up

There is probably no musician both as famous and as mercurial and engimatic as Bob Dylan, which ironically has made his life and work a popular source of inspiration for movies. Of course, Todd Haynes attempted to encapsulate as many of the fragments of Dylan’s life as he could in “I’m Not There” with multiple actors portraying the man, and a bevy of musicians covering his tunes. Now comes news: Brazilian production company RT Features is developing an English-language adapation of one of Dylan’s best and most celebrated records, “Blood On The Tracks.” The rights were picked up from Grey Water Park Productions. It’s in very early stages, and the film is looking for a director.

The common legend around the album is that the songs were written in the wake of Dylan’s divorce from his wife Sara, making it one of his most personal records. But in his memoirs, “Chronicles Vol. 1,” Dylan refuted that claim, stating they were instead inspired by the stories of Anton Chekhov. Regardless of the source of the songs, they are undeniable and some of his best.

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