Jacksons To Tour With Hologram Michael?

Make it stop! As if we couldn’t get enough of the Tupac hologram stuff, the Jacksons have tried their hands at attention sloring for their own personal gain. Jackie told E! Online, “I just wish Michael was here with us, but I’m sure his spirit will be in the house. [The next tour] could have Michael—absolutely. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? As a matter of fact, we had that [hologram] idea two years ago for Michael’s Cirque du Soleil show. There are so many songs. That’s the hardest part because we want to include all the favorites and not leave anything out. We’re going to sing some of Michael’s stuff, too. We’re going to honor him on the stage. He’d want us to do our thing to the best of our ability.”

Sigh. Just, don’t. Go on your little 27-city tour and enjoy your 10 fans a city. We’ll just be honoring Michael’s death the right way. Without holograms!!! The way it should be.

4 Comments to “Jacksons To Tour With Hologram Michael?”

  1. Can the hologram do the moon walk?

  2. Will the Jackson family ever stop trying to make money off Michael?

  3. What does the Michael hologram look like? Sweet black Michael or older, surgerized white Michael?

  4. I’d rather see the real Michael and holograms of the rest of the family, who never had one-tenth his talent.

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