Sofia: Hollywood’s Latest Glorious Latina

Like Carol Channing and Charo, Sofia Vergara knows she is a cartoon and doesn’t hide from it. I watch “Modern Family” primarily to hear her yell “Jaaaay!” every week at her much-older husband. And, yes, like everybody else — male, female, straight, gay, blue, brown, fuschia — I stare at her tatas. Breasts figure even more in Latin culture than in Anglo culture. Why else would otherwise serious and professional female newscasters on networks like Univision have to wear low-cut blouses every night and give their bosoms a gentle shake as they report the latest from Syria? The older demographic among my readership will notice that on the GQ magazine cover Sofia wears a leopard-y costume reminiscent of Raquel Welch in her heyday. On her father’s side, Raquel is Latina. You have to be to wear a plunging leopard bra and get away with it.

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