Madeleine Stowe: Is Victoria Dead?

The season-ending finale for “Revenge” was a corker. Here’s Madeleine Stowe (who with any justice will get an Emmy nom) answering the question: “Are people already asking you on the street if you are dead?” She replies: “I’m going to be really honest about this: When this was shot and when it was written, there was not an indication whether the show was going to be picked up. If the show wasn’t going to be picked up, it was a spectacular way to end that story, with no resolution whatsoever for anybody, the idea that revenge just brings terrible things to people. And I thought, if the series didn’t go forward — we were all talking about this — what a great way to end it! You’re talking about Victoria’s death, the ramifications on her children, and the things that Conrad did. Everything spiraled of control and Emily is left with nothing.”

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