Your Weekend: LemonWade Recommends

Movies: Pixar’s “Brave” is a must, though I won’t brave the kiddie crowds on opening weekend. Woody Allen’s “To Rome with Love” looks perfect for watching on a plane going over to Europe. Television: American Masters is re-airing its Judy Garland special, presumably for Gay Pride week in New York. Sunday’s premiere of “The Newsroom” has gotten some stinko reviews, but it’s Aaron Sorkin so I’ll check it out. Music: Summer for me means Mozart and Springsteen, so I’ll be dipping into the former’s late symphonies and the latter’s early E Street Band recordings all weekend. Books: Have finally gotten the courage to read Robert Caro’s latest LBJ tome, “Passage To Power.” To counteract it, I’ll need a good Nordic mystery. Sports: Now that LeBron has his ring, we can sink into the true warm-weather sport: baseball. Also Euro 2012 soccer. Finally: Rodney King may be gone, but the message of his troubled life remains: let’s get along.

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