Your Weekend: LemonWade Recommends

Movies: “Jack the Giant Slayer” looks a little Hobbity for my taste — but maybe not for yours. “Stoker” may have something: it’s directed by Park Chan-wook. Television: Attention, gnarly hipsters: only three more episodes of “Girls”! My live-time Sunday-night viewing this week will be “Vikings,” a nine-part rape-and-pillage miniseries premiering on the History Channel. Music: Emmylou Harris has a new hit CD, “Old Yellow Moon.” Meanwhile, a friend has got me listening to Autre Ne Veut, which may not yet have a Wikipedia entry but which has something more valuable: buzz. Books: For those of you without the time to read any of Taylor Branch’s magnificent books on the civil rights movement, “The King Years” presents the story in more digestible form. Sports: I’ll be watching the Knicks-Heat game on Sunday: every time I think NY won’t get far in the postseason, I remember that they’ve beaten Miami both times this season. Finally: One definition of “sequester” is “to withdraw into retirement,” which is exactly what I keep wishing most of Congress would do.

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