“Homeland” Runs Out Of Energy

Last night’s episode of “Homeland,” which concluded the third season, was the last I’ll ever watch. What started out as one of the most bracing shows on TV – one that had President Obama famously clamoring for episodes, and which seemed to parallel reality in prescient and provocative ways – largely settled for becoming a more conventional spy thriller, albeit one with a blue-chip cast led by Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin (pictured). The high-wire act was perilous, and while the show didn’t exactly land with a total splat, it did take a pretty steep fall. Last night capped off the plot in which Brody (Damian Lewis) – after a stint as a heroin addict in Venezuela – was offered a shot at redemption: Go into Iran and kill its head of security. How do we spell “jump the shark”?

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