“Doll & Em”: A Pleasant Surprise

Even if her husband, Alessandro Nivola, weren’t an old pal of mine, I’d be anxious to tune in to HBO tonight to see “Doll and Em,” the comedy that Emily Mortimer has cooked up. The New York Times is well-pleased: ‘“Doll & Em,” an HBO fictional series created by Emily Mortimer and her real-life best friend, Dolly Wells, is…a pleasant surprise. This six-episode comedy, which begins on Wednesday, takes place in hilltop mansions and on movie sets. What sets it apart from many other arch, self-mocking looks at Hollywood is that the central problem — the unspoken enmity between loving friends — could happen anywhere, at a university, in a congressional office or in a beer bottling plant. The story is framed by the outsize absurdities of show business, but “Doll & Em” is a character study in miniature.’

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