Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: “The Judge,” with Robert Downey, looks meh, so stick to “Whiplash,” with an Oscar-buzz perf by J. K. Simmons. Television: On Friday, don’t miss Nathan Lane in “The Nance,” Douglas Carter Beane’s play about a gay vaudeville entertainer. And if you missed the CW premiere of the super-heroic “The Flash,” catch up here. Music: Stevie Nicks! Stevie Nicks! Stevie Nicks! Also, a gorge St. Matthew Passion from the Berlin Philharmonic. Books: Lena Dunham’s memoir isn’t Number One, so how will her publisher earn back that hefty advance? I’m re-reading Barbara Tuchman‘s “The Proud Tower”: no living historian writes as richly as she did. Sports: The Giants have survived a shaky start to become the NFL team with New York bragging rights. As for the baseball playoffs, if you don’t love the Royals then you don’t love underdogs. Finally: October, as always, is my favorite month.

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