New Book On Gruesome “In Cold Blood” Murders: Capote Got Facts Wrong

The credibility of Truman Capote’s masterpiece of non-fiction, “In Cold Blood,” is set to be challenged by a fresh account of the notorious 1959 killings in Kansas, after a judge ruled that the secret files of one of the agents who investigated the case may be published. A new book on the gruesome murder of a family in the town of Holcomb, drawn from the notes of Harold Nye, a Kansas bureau of investigation agent, is expected to be released next year after Judge Larry Hendricks rejected an attempt by the state government to keep the files suppressed. Ronald Nye, the late agent’s son, said on Tuesday that his book would use his father’s investigation reports to present a “totally different theory” from Capote’s on how the killings of Herb Clutter, Clutter’s wife and their children came about.

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