Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: “Boo 2” brings more Madea. But “BPM,” an intimate and powerful drama about ACT-UP and AIDS in Paris, brings the genuine boo-hoo. TV/Streaming: Patton Oswalt’s comedy special “Annihilation,” on Netflix, detonates plenty of laughs. Friday brings Scott Ellis’s lovely production of the musical “She Loves Me,” on PBS’s “Great Performances.” Music: I’m liking some of Pink’s “Beautiful Trauma,” but I’m loving some of Kelly Clarkson’s “Meaning of Life.” Books: I’ve managed to avoid all of Dan Brown’s other books, so I think I’ll keep my record intact with “Origin.” If you’re ever tired of Jane Austen then pick up Barbara Pym — not the same period but the same Brit wit. Sports: The Yanks: can they? can they? can they? Finally: This past week of unbrokenly sunny weather has reminded us why October is the un-cruelest month in New York.

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