Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: “The Marvels,” starring Oscar winner Brie Larsen, is set to dominate the weekend, although the potency of comic-book-generated movies isn’t what it used to be…TV/Streaming: I’m trying to keep up with “The Gilded Age,” on HBO, but I tend to fast-forward episodes in search of the next batch of lovely costumes…Music: Jimmy Buffett’s last/latest album has a cute title: “Equal Strain on All Parts”…Books: In the battle of the season’s celebrity memoirs, Britney is out-selling Barbara, but all the Britney good stuff was in the media, so why read the book? The Barbara factoids are inexhaustible…Sports: My Premier League team, Arsenal, remains in the hunt, though its coach, Arteta, keeps putting his foot in it.

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