Prince William Engaged To Kate?

img-bs-top-morton-william-kate-174_100754486908‘This week,’ biographer Andrew Morton reports, ‘Prince Charles was in the land that time forgot, the Galapagos Islands, the archipelago that inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. He was warning about species facing extinction, though curiously he failed to mention himself or the other rare breeds that roost under the eaves of the House of Windsor. Perhaps he knows something we don’t. He named a baby giant tortoise after his eldest son, Prince William, as speculation hared through the European media that he was intending to wed his longtime, on-off, on-again girlfriend Kate Middleton (pictured with the Prince) this summer. No less an authority than Point de Vue, a French magazine that once intimated that Princess Anne had been, shall we say, “overly familiar” with an entire soccer team, announced that European royals had been told to clear their diaries for the big event.’

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