Butler: I’ve Swung Both Ways

butler6a00d8341c730253ef0120a4c90a0e970b-250wiAs Gerard Butler promotes his new movie, “The Ugly Truth,” his 2004 interview with Movieline magazine has resurfaced: ‘I talk about my sexuality,’ he says, ‘But it’s always glossed over. People seem to shy away from the issue. Whenever it is discussed, its distended and exaggerated. Gerard Butler is gay. No I’m not. I don’t know myself what I am so it can be bewildering to see that being plugged. I have been in relationships with women. And men. That doesn’t make me gay. That doesn’t make me straight. Its hard enough to go through these things in my mind without being scrutinised about it so there are times when you want to close the door and say my sexuality is my own personal business.’

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