SAG Awards: A Help For Sandra?

17129709Three of the movie winners for the Screen Actors Guild awards tonight will, barring misfortune, take home Oscars: Jeff Bridges, Mo’Nique, Christoph Waltz. The highest award, for acting ensemble, went as predicted by LW’s Rex Okpodu, to “Inglourious Basterds.” But don’t expect “Basterds” to win the Best Pic Oscar; barring misfortune, that will go to “Avatar.” The only remaining mystery is in the Best Actress race. The SAG award went to Sandra Bullock (shown here with her husband, Jesse James), but does this mean she is now the frontrunner over Meryl Streep? Not necessarily. As Streep herself showed last year when she won the SAG for “Doubt” but lost the Oscar to Kate Winslet, the SAG award is a very imperfect predictor for Oscar gold. (During the past decade, the SAG movie actress winner has only gone on to win the Oscar about half the time.) This year’s Best Actress Oscar is still too close to call.

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