What To Think Of Last Night’s “Homeland”?

This week’s episode required such a huge suspension of disbelief from the viewer, from the first scene to the last, that by the end of the hour it felt as if anything could happen next and it wouldn’t be that surprising (and not in a good way). It was clear that Carrie was going to be in trouble as soon as she switched her car radio to that well known portent of doom: jazz music, her kidnapping by possibly the world’s most wanted man in broad daylight was nevertheless fairly preposterous. Then again so were various other elements of the episode, like the CIA’s decision to mysteriously no longer bother to tap Brody’s phone, allowing him to video call Abu Nazir to his heart’s content or the apparent complete lack of meaningful security in the Vice-President’s house. But the episode’s pacemaker take-down was the first such murder I’ve seen: points for originality. And, whatever its preposterousness lately, “Homeland” is building up to an exciting and action-packed crescendo next weekend.

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