Your Weekend: LemonWade Recommends

Movies: “Iron Man 3” has gotten decent reviews, and, let’s face it, it won’t look the same on your home screen. I keep resisting “Mud,” but all my friends who’ve seen it like it. Television: On Friday, The Paul Taylor Dance Company is on “Great Performances.” “The Amazing Race” announces its winner on Sunday. Music: I like Run the Jewel’s new rap single, “Get It.” Kenny Chesney’s country CD, “Life on a Rock,” keeps selling. Books: Glenn Beck’s “Control: Exposing the Truth about Guns” and “The Great Gatsby” are Amazon’s top sellers. America!!! Sports: Not sure the Knicks are going to make it past the Celtics: is this a 2004 Yankees/Red Sox collapse?. In tennis, Rafa Nadal is marching through the clay-court season towards the French. Finally: It feels as if Mother’s Day is this weekend. Why?

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