Golden Globes: What I Thought

The only Globe winner who is slam-dunk also for an Oscar is Leonardo DiCaprio. My other thoughts: 1) Amy Adams was the knockout on the red carpet and Brad Pitt, at 51, the handsomest man in the room; 2) Kate Winslet’s win for Best Supporting Actress/Motion Picture has limited correlation to Oscars because her two main competitors — Alicia Vikander for “The Danish Girl” and Rooney Mara for “Carol” — weren’t in her category; 3) Stallone’s win deserved a standing ovation but “Creed” is a black empowerment movie and he didn’t thank its black director or black star: oops; 4) Ricky Gervais tried to be cheeky but his act wore thin as the night wore on; 5) most stars today have no idea how to speak in poised, polished manner in public; 6) When Lady Gaga won for “American Horror Story,” I thought: there’s no stopping her and she will power all the way to an Oscar like Cher in “Moonstruck” — and then Gaga got up there and said the same thing; 7) Ricky Gervais’s bleeped question to Mel Gibson was strange; 8) “Mr. Robot” had a big night (it’s on Hulu); 9) Denzel’s speech: that’s the best you can do?; 10) I was surprised Alejandro González Iñárritu won Best Director for “The Revenant” over Ridley Scott, but Alejandro ain’t winning the Oscar two years in a row; 11) The Globes aren’t a great predictor of the Oscars: they are a different voting body from the industry, which is why I don’t expect Winslet or Alejandro or even “The Revenant” to gain big Oscars this year, even though “Revenant” will get most Oscar noms. And I don’t think “Revenant” is now Oscar frontrunner. Only is the leader if it wins PGA.

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