Your Weekend: LW Recommends

Movies: You thought you’d finished with holiday leftovers? Not in cinemas, where the only thing worth doing is catching up with what you missed between Christmas and New Year’s. “A Separation” for the foreign-film buffs; “Tintin” in IMAX for the kids. Television: Whoo-hoo! “Downton Abbey” returns, with the reigning mistress of unlimited social graces and the withering put-down: Maggie Smith. Another reason for cheering: the first of three new “Abfab” specials this Sunday on BBC America. Music: Jason Mraz, the gay-friendliest straight pop star this side of Duncan Sheik, is tops on the iTunes singles chart with “I Won’t Give Up.” “Old” CDs by Adele and by Florence got bumps from VH1 “Divas” and/or year-end best-of lists. Books: I’m looking forward to savoring Alan Bennett’s latest slim volume of Brit wit, “Smut.” “The Hunger Games” books are benefiting from hype about the upcoming movie. Sports: Who I’m rooting for in the first weekend of NFL playoff games: Houston, Pittsburgh, Detroit, New York. Finally: Congratulate yourself: you survived the first week of 2012 and its relentless coverage of the Presidential race.

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