Sunday Night TV Scorecard

Game of Thrones: This week’s installment jammed two sets of characters together for the first time, while taking a shocking turn from George R.R. Martin’s novels. Grade: A-. The Good Wife: Another weak episode. Alicia likes Diane, Alicia hates Diane, Alicia likes Diane. And will they please whack Kalinda already? Grade: C. Mad Men: The most drawn-out farewell season since the demise of Anna Russell continued last night. Biggest plot point: Sterling Cooper and Partners got a new name! Grade: B-. Wolf Hall: The series’ slandering (if you’re Catholic) or truth-telling (if you’re not) of St. Thomas More continued in this episode, as the author of “Utopia” was further exposed as a torture-condoning hypocrite. Grade: B+.

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